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La Ola – Aitor Rodríguez
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La Ola

Rest area made with recycled materials

Project: La Ola

Product: Ephimeral instalation

Year: 2015

Team: Jaime García-Vaquero, Javier Gómez, Aitor Rodríguez, Antonio Sánchez-Garrido

Client: Mulafest 

La Ola is an ephemeral installation located in the urban trends festival Mulafest 2015 edition. It is made out of the combination of materials like wood, canvas, and others recycled materials.

The rest area represents a large wave of recycled material that aims to create an awareness in the viewer about the amount of useful waste we generate and how it is possible to give them a second useful life.

The Team

We are a group of friends based in Madrid. We are united about the passion for design and the desire to do things together. We are El Equipo JAJA.  Starting from the left: Javier Gómez, Aitor Rodríguez, Jaime García-Vaquero, Antonio Sánchez-Garrido.

Special thanks to: Ángela Valle, Juan García, Jose Luis Fernández and María González.

Id Arte Recicla Contest

Id Arte Recicla Contest

2015, Award

To materialize the common discourse through the specific creation of urban elements through the practices of ``re-use`` and ``recycling`` that expose the possibilities and benefits of sustainability in the care of the environment.

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