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New ironing concept for solac

Project: Kinetic

Product: Home appliance design

Year: 2017

Team: María González, Elena Hernández, Aitor Rodríguez

Client: Solac

Kinetic presents a new concept of domestic ironing. It converts the conventional flat iron’s role into a cylindrical base. The handle is reconfigured into a non-slip silicone surface for a better grip. As a result, the user enjoys its ergonomics and comfort by a simulation of the hand movement to eliminate wrinkles. An intuitive way of understanding ironing.

Thanks to its roller shape, it is possible to replace the heat of traditional irons with just one movement of displacement and enough pressure.

How does it work

Elisava Professional Edition Award

Elisava Professional Edition Award

Silver categorie, 2017

Award is given by Elisava Design School to the best master's degree projects with the aim to award, excellence, creativity, rigor, and talent in the framework of higher education design programs.

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